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Product development: from mould design to plastic product.

Fast and economical prototype development

Promatrix produces moulds in-house and also uses them to produce plastic products. This allows us to supply prototype products quickly and at a competitive price.

Benefits of prototyping at Promatrix

Products can be tested and quickly brought to market

Promatrix produces moulds and plastic products in-house. Our engineering, machining and injection moulding departments are fully equipped to make aluminium moulds with the shortest possible lead times. This means we can supply moulds and trial mouldings within four weeks.

The end product is representative of the reality of mass production

When Promatrix produces a prototype mould, we always consider the most efficient way of making the final prototype series. This means we may avoid complex structures and decide to remove products by hand. Of course, we always discuss such things with our customers.

Competitive price

We can help you to determine the price of your products. The price of products made using moulds that require manual labour will be higher than fully-automatic moulds. We can work with you to determine which scenario results in the best total price.

about the process


We can work with you to determine the best operational solution, based on your product drawings and working process. We will also consider the manufacturability of your product and offer advice about potential modifications. In addition, we can implement these modifications for you. At this stage, it is important to know the desired production quantities, as these affect the design of the mould.

Mould design

Our CAD engineers can translate even the finest details of your product drawing into a mould design. They will choose the most appropriate structure and will design a fully functional mould that meets your prototyping requirements.

Mould manufacture

Once the design has been completed, a CAM program will be compiled for the CNC milling machines used for each mould component. The components are then ready to be manufactured.

Mould assembly

Once the individual components have been manufactured, they are put together in our assembly department, where the real craftsmen work. They make sure that all components align precisely and that the assembled product works as it should. Your mould is now complete.

Injection moulding

An injection-moulding machine will be selected based on the size and shape of your product. We have a range of injection-moulding machines, with capacities of 6 to 1300 tonnes. Your final product will then be manufactured.

Industries and Cases

Many of the moulds that Promatrix produces are trial moulds (also known as prototype moulds). In most cases, customers want to test how their products work. The automotive industry in particular makes extensive use of prototyping, because no aspect of car development is left to chance. Newly designed cars are fully tested before they enter the market. This means most plastic parts must be made using the same method as the final product. Because the method is the same, the car can be fully tested. Promatrix produces moulds and plastic products for the automotive industry. These include various types of car parts, such as bumpers, grilles, headlights and tail lights, as well as dashboards, door panels, centre consoles, engine parts and mirrors.


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