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Where Promatrix started as a “small” company in 1995, it has now grown into a full-fledged production company employing more than sixty people. The Pros of Promatrix discuss expertise, quality and our machine park. Our experience, technical knowledge and passion for making are hidden in these three important pillars. Together they create added value for our clients. In practice, this means that we can fulfill every wish in the field of moulds, injection molding and prototyping.

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The biggest asset

There is no doubt about Promatrix’s biggest asset: our employees. Because, regardless of the quality of your machinery, a good final product can only be realised by harnessing the creativity and skill of a team of people. People get the most out of innovative solutions, not the other way around.

The strength of our team is the good connection between passionate technicians and steadfast back office employees. This enables us to quickly and efficiently convert every customer request into an effective solution. The employees of Promatrix have several important things in common: they are motivated, eager to learn, and do everything to fulfil our customers’ wishes. We want to excel in our work. We are also a close-knit team and are all aware that the best results are achieved by working together. While we dislike hierarchy, we make sure that our customers always have a fixed point of contact.

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Needless to say, quality is very important to us. This is not only reflected in the high quality of our machinery, but also in the way we protect the safety of our employees, our very careful way of working and the high-quality materials we use. All these efforts help us to create high-quality products for our customers.

Promatrix has also been in possession of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for several years. This means that the processes within the company have been recorded and that they are tested annually to determine whether they are actually working in accordance with the established procedures. We believe it is important that our customers also have control over the expected quality. The 9001 ISO certificate guarantees this. We are also ISO14001 certified. Our environmental management system pays structural attention to the environment in our business operations. Een kopie van onze beleidsverklaring kunt u opvragen door te mailen naar

To maintain a high standard of quality, we invest a great deal of time and energy in Research and Development. We are always thinking of new products and techniques in the field of aluminium moulds and injection moulding, and pay close attention to demand in the market.


ISO certification ISO certification

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We specialise in a niche market. 25 years ago, Promatrix was one of the first Dutch firms to produce aluminium moulds. We continue to excel in this area, primarily because we combine mould making with our own injection moulding department.

Thanks to our specialisation, we have been able to successfully helped many diverse and renowned customers. Promatrix produces everything – from bumpers for prototype cars to parts for feeding troughs in livestock stalls. Every day, we work passionately to translate our customers’ requests into functional, high-quality products.


We use the most advanced machinery available when making our products. The machines used by Promatrix include thirteen modern CNC milling machines. Several of these machines are automated with robot cells. These robot cells exchange the tools and load the machines with workpieces. This allows us to operate the machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also helps to reduce the workload of our employees.

We can use the moulds we make to perform injection moulding with our own injection moulding machines. They have a clamping force of 6 to 1300 tonnes, which allows us to produce injection-moulded products of any size, from small to extremely large.

We have good working relationships with the manufacturers of these machines, all of whom are dependable international suppliers. We work with them to continually optimise and expand our range of machinery wherever necessary.


We have an environment management system to make sure that attention to the environment is a standard part of our operations. We are also ISO 14001 certified. We aim to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations, continually improve our environmental performance, and minimise environmental pollution and damage. We do our best to separate waste as much as possible, so that it can be recycled. We also consider ways of reducing waste.

We aim to order materials for our moulds in quantities that are as exact as possible, so that steel and aluminium waste can be reduced. We use recycled plastics wherever possible. These include recycled household waste and recycled synthetic turf pitches. We also have experience with bio-plastics.


Promatrix is a smart organisation in the manufacturing industry, and is passionate about technology. By continually optimising our production processes, Promatrix is able to produce high-quality aluminium parts and injection-moulded parts in (1) less time and (2) with shorter lead times than the rest of the market.


Promatrix’s goal is to excel when it comes to producing injection moulding in small production runs and when machining aluminium components (for moulds). By doing so, Promatrix aims to maintain a presence in a wide range of markets across Western Europe. To achieve this, Promatrix is continually optimising its processes and organisation.

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