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Large milling work

Manufacturing large, complex aluminium components with high-tech milling.

Large milling work in any shape

We specialise in manufacturing larger, complex aluminium components with high-tech milling. From single pieces to small and medium-sized series. With our own production entirely in the Netherlands, we offer fast availability and flexibility. We can quickly set up series, from quote to delivery.

Thanks to many years of experience in milling aluminium and our modern machinery, we can deliver high-quality work with precise tolerances. And we do it all at a competitive price, as we are fully equipped for aluminium machining.

Benefits of large willing work
at Promatrix

The ability to produce larger products up to 4,000 mm x 2,100 mm x 1,500 mm

From base plates and casings to industrial components and fastening parts, we mill large components at Promatrix. Anything is possible. Our CNC machines provide space for large aluminium parts in small to medium-sized series.

Quickly available, entirely in the Netherlands

All our work is done in the Netherlands with extensive machinery. As a result, we have short lines of communication, can quickly switch gears and deliver fast. We don’t have long transport times. Every assignment is different, so we like to discuss a good solution for your product.

Higher stability and precision

At our new location, our floors are extremely suitable for production with high stability. Our modern machinery and 3D measuring table ensure that we can deliver the requested sizes with high precision.


Promatrix makes large aluminium components for various industries. From base plates and casings to industrial components.


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