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ARRK SPG customer story

‘It feels as if we were colleagues’

Nederweert -based ARRK SPG can rightly claim to be one of our earliest customers: Promatrix has been doing business with their core team for more than twenty years. They specialise in prototyping, initial production runs and production in low volumes for the automotive industry in particular.

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customer story

‘When we were just starting out, we came to Promatrix for aluminium to prototype moulds’, explains director Mario Neijts. ‘Promatrix already had a good reputation in this field. They did a lot of work for firms including Philips. We very quickly established a close partnership.’

Development of new car models

ARKK SPG is primarily involved in the development phase of new car models. ‘We mostly supply prototypes and initial production runs to car manufacturers and their system suppliers. These include bumpers, door panels and dashboards. They are used in prototype cars, which are then tested before entering mass production. We are able to handle complex injection-moulded parts, always work under time-related pressure and rely on our dependable supplier network. Promatrix is an important part of this. They supply the aluminium prototype moulds, or simplified moulds, which allow injection-moulded parts to be made using plastic granulate, in low volumes and at a low cost. Many of our customers are premium car manufacturers, including Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley. They tell us: we will only be building two thousand of these cars. You have shown what you can do with the prototypes; do you want to produce two thousand pieces? For example, Promatrix can produce components for a grille in small production runs. And wereally work together during the development process.’

‘It’s great that we are able to collaborate so effectively.’

Mario is very happy about the partnership with Promatrix. ‘After so many years of doing business, they feel more like immediate colleagues than a supplier. We know the team will pull out all the stops for us, even if it takes a few extra days or nights. We can really count on them. In the automotive industry, you have to deal with cast-iron deadlines and strict requirements. Our customers test their cars on a test track, in the desert or at the North Pole. If even a single supplier fails to produce with the goods, the entire timetable will be disrupted and the market introduction can be delayed. In addition, three words are enough to explain what is expected during a new request. Promatrix also understands our specific customer requirements. It’s great that we are able to collaborate so effectively.’


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