Who we are?

Promatrix specializes in the production of aluminium moulds and the injection moulding of small to large plastic products. Besides manufacturing prototype moulds for the automobile industry, we also make moulds for the production of injection-moulding products for various other industries.

 Where people and machines work together

Promatrix started in Zegveld, a town in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands, in 1995. We are proud to say that we now employ 40 people. At the current time, we have more than 13 CNC milling machines and we are constantly seeking to optimize and expand our machinery. To help our employees, a number of machines have been equipped with automation in the form of robot cells. These robot cells change tools and load the machines with CNC tools. This means that these machines are able to produce 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The fabricated moulds can be injection moulded onto our own injection moulding machines, whose closing force varies from 6 to 1300 tonnes. This enables us to inject very small to very large products.

 We always set our bar high

Promatrix strives to achieve long-term collaboration with customers. We want to help our customers to achieve effective plastic solutions again and again. Contact Promatrix without obligation to find out we can do for your organisation.