Van producttekening tot proefspuiting in slechts 4 tot 8 weken

Promatrix is specialist in de fabricage van aluminium matrijzen en het spuitgieten van kunststof producten in kleine series. Hoge kwaliteit en een razendsnelle doorlooptijd.

Promatrix is groot geworden in de automotive industrie. We produceren prototypematrijzen voor veel gerenommeerde fabrikanten.

De mogelijkheden van aluminium matrijzen zijn ook in andere sectoren zeer goed toepasbaar. Zo produceren wij diverse kunststof producten voor bedrijven actief in offshore, automatisering, apparatenbouw en de agrarische sector.

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Aluminium Moulds


High-speed production and favourable pricing are key advantages when using aluminium.


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Small series


Promatrix focuses solely on small series. They can produce between 50 and 25,000 pieces in a cost-effectively way.


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Large parts are possible


Our extensive machinery enables us to mould products up to 1000 x 2000 x 700mm in size.


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From product drawing to injection moulding in just four to eight weeks

Promatrix specializes in the manufacture of aluminium moulds and in the injection moulding of plastic products in small series. By means of thorough process optimization, we are able to deliver the plastic product to the customer within just four to eight weeks. Promatrix designs the mould with specific CAD software and carries out mould construction and injection moulding in-house!

Promatrix’ strength lies in aluminium moulds. Aluminium makes it possible to produce small series in a fast and cost effectively manner.

Promatrix offers you the advantage of a production process that concentrates on the beneficial properties of aluminium, right down to the very smallest detail. Every aspect of the process - from engineering and machining to injection moulding - is standardised and largely automated too. In this way, we are able to utilize the advantages of aluminium to the fullest.

Does Promatrix produce large production series too?

Aluminium moulds and small series. This is what Promatrix is all about.

Our strength lies in the production of small series. The products vary from small to large dimensions. Our production process is totally dedicated to the production of small series, from A to Z.

Having concentrated on the production of small series for 20 years, our production process is not set up for the injection moulding of large series.

Promatrix Clients (among others):

  • audi
  • bentley
  • bmw
  • landrover
  • philips
  • porsche2
  • toyota
  • vw