Our specialty is the manufacture of aluminium moulds for injection moulding products. This technical proficiency has largely been developed by Promatrix.

For many years, there was no optimal solution for small series. We were motivated by the absence of this solution. Promatrix chose a pioneering role and quickly grew to become the number one trendsetter in the Netherlands. Promatrix excels in innovation and determination, which are still the most important motivators for our company today.

From pioneer to market leader

700x600-1b1995 Establishment

Promatrix has been established in 1995. Their core business is the development and production of aluminium moulds for injection moulded plastic products. Promatrix decides to steer a course that was different to the one usually taken in this industry, which had primarily used steel moulds in the past. Promatrix has developed the technology itself and makes it suitable for the intended use.

700x600-21996-1999 – Innovation

Years of strong growth. Promatrix becomes the market leader in the manufacture of high-quality aluminium moulds for both prototype and small series purposes.

Promatrix embraces innovative techniques, which will become public property in later years. For example: the high-frequency milling technique, which Promatrix integrated into its production process at an early stage. Another example is the fully digital development and production of moulds, resulting in the redundancy of paper 2D drawings. The focus of their innovation philosophy is production maintained with minimal staff.

700x600-32000-2003 – Specialisation

The demand for aluminium prototype moulds from the automotive industry is growing steadily, as are the requirements set by the industry where craftsmanship and quality are concerned. The quality requirements for injection moulded products are increased in order to achieve a better approach to series production.

This prompts Promatrix to specialize even further. Promatrix is starting to offer the market bigger and bigger moulds.

700x600-42004-2007 – Flexibility

The demand for larger injection moulded products continues.

A new challenge presents itself: the efficient organisation of the production of extremely large and smaller moulds for different types of buyers. Flexibility and swiftness become more important than ever before.

Promatrix increases its efficiency by introducing clever new solutions, such as standard base frames and a hot runner system that is designed in-house. Lead times are shortened while customers can continue to rely on the high quality they have come to expect.

700x600-52008-2010 - Automation

Robots are introduced, which makes the production even more streamlined. They realize an unmanned production, 24 hours a day. The aim is to achieve more output using the same number of people.

Meanwhile, extra capacity becomes available thanks to the standardisation of mould design and production. Promatrix produces even the most complex moulds with the shortest possible lead times.

700x600-62011-Present – Project organisation

Promatrix expands its team even further to enable it to serve industries other than the automotive industry too.

The technical team at Promatrix supports customers from the initial idea up to delivery of the injection moulded product. Promatrix is becoming increasingly more involved in product design at an earlier stage.