The promatrix method

Promatrix is a mould builder that has its own injection moulding machinery. We only produce aluminium moulds.

Years of specializing in the manufacture of aluminium moulds and plastic products have resulted in a strong streamlined production process. You are assured of a fast lead time and tried and tested results.

The production process in a nutshell

Before your plastic product comes out of the machine, it will have gone through the following steps: tijdslijn.png to-stap-1.png to-stap-2.png to-stap-3.png to-stap-4.png

1. Mould design

Our CAD engineers turn your product drawing into a detailed mould design.

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2. Mould manufacture

When the design is finished, a CAM program will be produced for each mould component that needs to be uploaded into the CNC milling machines to initiate the milling process. Manufacture of the components can now start.

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3. Mould assembly

When the separate parts have been manufactured, they are all constructed together and your mould will be completed.

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4. Injection moulding

Our streamlined production process means that the final phase is often achieved within just four to eight weeks of the date on which the product drawing is provided. An injection moulding machine is chosen depending on the product format. In total we have 10 injection moulding machines, which vary in closing force from 6 tons to 1300 tons.

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